Hotrig respects your concerns about privacy and follow strict procedures to protect customer information and ensure that your personal information is handled in a responsible manner. We do not disclose information you provide to third parties.

Currently, Hotrig gathers online customer information to enhance your online experience with us, to improve and maintain the content of our website, and for marketing and promotional purposes.

We collect information from you when you complete our mailing form or contact form and additionally, when you purchase products from our online shop. We may use this information to advise you of changes to our website, or to let you know about our newest products. We may also record which products you are interested in or inquire after so as to improve our features and customer service on our website.

Postal addresses and telephone numbers are used for processing orders, delivering merchandise, obtaining information and when communication is needed directly relating to orders or inquiries placed through our site. We specifically ask guests from outside the USA to fill out complete address, email, including phone number, as such information is needed for US Customs for shipping purposes.

We do not mail promotions or other content to your physical address after such address has been collected through purchase order unless you have signed for our Grinding Deals subscription; however, even through that mailing subscription we will mostly e-mail any promotions or content . Cookies are used through our website, but only to keep track of the contents of your shopping cart once you have selected an item.

Your privacy is of up most importance, and wish you will have a pleasant experience with our website and shopping experience. Hotrig was born in 2013 and we hope that you are here to stay with us and grow with us. We do not think that we have any competition, as we respect other companies in the trucking industry, and belief we are all here for the good of the industry. We are just trying to make our own statement with our motto, “Drive To Live – Live To Drive.”

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