I have been in the business (trucking industry) for the past ten years, seven of those years I have spent driving as an owner operator hauling containers out of the NY/NJ ports.  Today I haul flatbeds, and for the business matter, try to stay local.  I have always thought to get involved more with the business.  To get more engaged.

Whenever on the road i looked towards trucker apparel and different merchandise which were available, and it intrigued me that a trucker did not have much choice.  That is when the idea finally arose to form something of my own, to give back to the trucking community and to be more involved beyond driving.

Hotrig Apparel for that matter started in 2013 with the push of my friends whom inspired me to go ahead with the idea, so i have to thank them for that.  You would have never thought, but because of Hurricane Sandy, which shattered New Jersey, the concept of Hotrig got postponed by a year.  Exactly, I lost my truck six feet under water, and things went side stepping for a while.

You may contact us for any ideas, concerns or comments, please write us at  contact@hot-rig.com or just visit our Contact page and shoot  us an email from there.

I can also be reached by phone at (619)- 946-8744 or (619) 9HOTRIG


Ralph Inspired Independent Driver


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  1. duane says:

    How about some Kw and tanker kewl stuff

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